What people say about us.

"GOODSTUDY Tutoring has helped me improve tremendously! The tutors I have had at GOODSTUDY have all been people I can connect with, but also people who help me understand the topics I am struggling with. This tutoring company definitely strives to make sure each and every student is comfortable while learning. Thanks GOODSTUDY!"


Lexie O., Grade 12

The Bishop Strachan School



"Working with GOODSTUDY has changed my marks to be dramatically better. Not only has Linh helped to improve my marks, but she always creates an environment at GOODSTUDY where I feel welcomed. Even while my brother is working with Linh, I am able to work in the other room and am always very productive there because of the work space. I would never use another tutoring company and recommend GOODSTUDY to everyone I know!! #goodstudytakeover"


Perry A., Grade 10

The Bishop Strachan School



"I would recommend GOODSTUDY to anyone who needs tutoring! At the beginning of the year I didn't enjoy math and wasn't doing well, but now I come to GOODSTUDY every week and my mark has improved so much! GOODSTUDY itself is a very relaxing and calm environment that makes studying so much easier and I'm so happy I've started coming!"


Kayla S., Grade 10

Earl Haig Secondary School


"GOODSTUDY gave me the confidence and the skill set I needed to succeed in math this year! Linh explains complicated questions in a way that is easy to understand and encourages you to challenge yourself. The staff is extremely friendly and welcoming and also makes studying fun! With the help of GOODSTUDY, you are guaranteed to see results!"

Julia H., Grade 10

Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute


"I've struggled with math and science and have found it very difficult to find a tutor who understands my learning style. GOODSTUDY got to know me not only as a student, but as a person to learn about my interests and use that to engage me in my studies. Not only was I more intrigued, but I was finally understanding well enough that I could apply my knowledge and go into tests and assessments feeling confident."


Emmy G., Grade 12

The Bishop Strachan School



"GOODSTUDY Tutoring has helped me in both math and science. Linh has been helping me for a few years now. Even when the content is dull, Linh always manages to make learning fun. Without Linh I would not have the marks that I have today. She has helped me build the skills and confidence I need. Her tutoring centre has a very warm atmosphere and very nice furniture. I always enjoy going to GOODSTUDY Tutoring."


Lauren G., Grade 10

The Bishop Strachan School



"For the past two years, I have been working with Linh on math and science. When I started working with her, my understanding and interest of these topics increased a lot. I also started to get much better grades that I couldn't have been able to get without the help of Linh and GOODSTUDY. GOODSTUDY is a really pretty place, where it's really easy to focus. I recommend it to anyone who's struggling to understand topics and needs a little extra help."


Alex G., Grade 10

The Bishop Strachan School



"I love going to GOODSTUDY Tutoring because whenever I go, I am instantly helped, and instantly feel comfortable in the environment surrounding me. The tutoring is always very helpful and always provides me with the knowledge I need to know for whatever subject I am studying. Overall, GOODSTUDY Tutoring is an amazing company filled with tutors who genuinely want their students to succeed, which is not only very rare, but also a very nice feeling." 


Sarah G., Grade 11

Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto


"GOODSTUDY Tutoring is a welcoming and nurturing environment that has truly had a huge impact on me. Over the years, science and math have not been my strongest subjects. After coming here, not only have my marks improved in those subjects, but I also feel a lot more comfortable and confident in them. The tutors here are extremely helpful, but they also look to connect with the students, and learn more about them in order to make learning enjoyable for them. Coming to GOODSTUDY Tutoring is definitely a highlight of my week!"


Eden R., Grade 10

The Bishop Strachan School

"I love going to GOODSTUDY! There's always such a warm and comfortable environment and the tutoring is amazing! I always understand the concepts after my visits and am always so pleased! I would highly recommend!!! Thank you GOODSTUDY!"

Danielle A., Grade 10

Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto

"For the past couple of years I have been working with GOODSTUDY on math! I have always generally understood the subject, but I have had trouble understanding why what I was doing worked, as well as trouble with paying attention to detail. The tutors at GOODSTUDY not only helped me better understand the subject, but have guided me to further develop as a learner. GOODSTUDY Tutoring is an amazing facility with a great vibe for students of any kind!"


Olivia C., Grade 11

The Bishop Strachan School

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