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SSAT Prep.

The SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) is an admission exam required by several private and independent schools in the GTA area. There are three levels of testing depending on the student's age: Elementary (Gr. 3-4), Middle (Gr. 5-7), and Upper (Gr. 8-11) level.


The major areas tested in the SSAT are: writing, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and mathematics. Each test typically covers material 1-2 years ahead of your current grade level. 

SSAT Preparation Package

This package is for you if:

• you are in Grade 3 or 4. You will be preparing for the Elementary Level Exam

• you are in Grade 5 - 7. You will be preparing for the Middle Level Exam

• you are in Grade 8 - 11. You will be preparing for the Upper Level Exam

• you want to comprehensively go over all topics that will be on the exam and make sure you are thoroughly prepared so you can score your best

The SSAT Preparation Package includes:

• initial assessment practice exam to assess strengths and weaknesses of topics 

• 20-hrs* of one-on-one tutoring sessions with a tutor, where you will comprehensively cover all topics together (writing, reading comprehension, vocabulary, mathematics) for the specific Level Exam that you are preparing for (i.e. Elementary, Middle, or Upper)

• necessary study materials (i.e. practice tests, practice questions for all topics)

• learning of specific test-taking strategies

Cost: $60 per hour​

*20-hrs is an approximate number of hours of preparation required. Some students require less hours, and some students require more hours to be sufficiently prepared.

With our SSAT Preparation Package, your specially designated tutor will aim to thoroughly prepare you for all sections of this challenging standardized test. We first begin with an assessment practice exam to see what you can do and also identify the topics you are strong and weak in. Then, through one-on-one tutoring sessions, you and your tutor will work through the appropriate resources together to cover all of the material you need to know for this exam.

One of the major challenges students face with this type of exam is not just the amount of material to go through, but also the challenge of taking a "standardized" test for the first time. The SSAT is different from a typical test in many ways, and sometimes the questions asked can be a little tricky. Luckily, your tutor will also go through specific test-taking strategies with you and teach you how to handle difficult questions on the exam in order to improve your ability to score well on the SSAT.

For questions regarding our SSAT Preparation Package, please

contact us and we'll be glad to answer any questions you may have!

Private one-on-one tutors in Toronto.
Private one-on-one tutoring services in Toronto.
Private one-on-one tutoring services in Toronto.
Private one-on-one tutoring services in Toronto.
Private one-on-one tutoring services in Toronto.