About our founders.

GOODSTUDY Tutoring was created by Linh and Eugene. Linh has her Bachelor of Medical Sciences from Western University ('11) and went on to complete her Master of Science in Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology at the University of Toronto ('14). Eugene also has his Bachelor of Medical Sciences from Western University ('11) and went on to complete his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at the University of Toronto ('15). Through their many years of education, Linh and Eugene understand what it is like to be a student and to face challenges in their academics. More importantly, they know what it takes to overcome them and succeed. That is the foundation upon which GOODSTUDY has been created.

A message from our director.

Dear students and parents,


Thank you for visiting our website! My name is Linh, and I am the director of GOODSTUDY Tutoring.


For the past seven years, I have worked as a private tutor for various tutoring agencies and I have been self-employed as a private in-home tutor. Over my years of being a tutor, I have put in a great deal of time and effort into trying to be the best tutor for my students. I can proudly say that my students have shown great improvement and success in their academics.


Over my years of being a tutor for these agencies, I have come to see how they were run and managed, and overall I was not satisfied. Many of these agencies would hire unqualified tutors who were just people looking for some kind of part-time job and did not take their job seriously. Additionally, many of these agencies would not provide much instruction or training on what the tutor should be doing during the tutoring session and on what approaches work best. I have encountered many situations where other tutors would make their students do their homework by themselves, give them the answers or do the work for them, or play on their phone or laptops throughout the session and not direct their complete attention to the student and the work at hand. I thought to myself that these families are paying good money to be here, and this is not what tutoring should be.


At the end of pursuing my Master’s degree at the University of Toronto and deciding whether I should pursue my PhD or medical school, I realized I really enjoyed tutoring and helping my students and that was where my passion was. I was starting to get more and more students referred to me who needed tutoring, and I recognized the need for a tutoring centre that offered a high quality, trustworthy service with dedicated, responsible tutors that was worth the cost (the cost of tutoring typically ranges from $45-$75 per hour, to upwards of more than $100 per hour). With the help of Eugene, my long time friend and graduate of the Doctor of Dental Surgery program at the University of Toronto, together we decided to open GOODSTUDY Tutoring in the Yonge and Lawrence village.


Eugene and I know what it is like to face challenges in academics and also know what it is like to overcome these challenges and succeed. That is the message behind our name “GOODSTUDY”. Our goal is to collaborate with likeminded tutors who feel the same way about the current state of tutoring, and through one-on-one tutoring we wish to help as many students as we can who are in need of academic support.

As students are already receiving an education in school, our purpose at GOODSTUDY Tutoring is not to educate, but to study and work through the material with you during one-on-one tutoring sessions in order to improve your understanding of the lessons taught in the classroom. With a better understanding of the material, complex concepts will have become simplified and now you can enhance your success in the classroom.

Thank you for your interest in GOODSTUDY Tutoring. We hope to hear from you soon!

Linh, Director of GOODSTUDY Tutoring

We look forward to studying with you!

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